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By University Foot Center
July 05, 2019
Category: Podiatry
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Your foot doctor in Columbus, OH, can help with heel pain

If you’ve ever struggled with heel pain, you already know how it can impact your life. Heel pain can make it painful to walk, stand, or even Heel Painput on shoes. The good news is, there are effective treatments to deal with heel pain, and your foot doctor offers them. Drs. Steventon Scott Wagner and Lynette Renae Mehl at University Foot Center in Columbus, OH, offer a full range of foot and ankle services, including treatments for heel pain.

You can suffer heel pain from stepping on sharp objects, causing a heel bruise. You can also develop heel pain from excess calcium deposits on your heel, resulting in a bone spur. The most common cause of heel pain is a condition known as plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is caused by the thick band of tissue running across your heel, called the plantar fascia, becoming inflamed.

You may have plantar fasciitis if you experience:

  • Acute, sharp pain running across your heel
  • Sharp pain running down the side of your foot
  • Increasing pain when you stand up from being seated
  • Increasing pain when you wake up

Plantar fasciitis can be caused by walking or standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time, overpronating or rolling your foot when you walk, running, or jogging.

You can try a few simple home remedies to decrease inflammation and reduce pain. Remember to:

  • Stretch your arches for several minutes during the day
  • Take over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication

If you have stubborn heel pain that doesn’t resolve, it’s time to visit the experts. At University Foot Center your foot doctor may recommend:

  • Custom-fit orthotics or custom footwear for better support
  • Physical therapy and stretches to decrease stiffness
  • Prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medications to decrease swelling
  • Corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)

If you are struggling with heel pain, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your life on the couch. To find out more about effective treatments for heel pain and other footcare services, call Drs. Steventon Scott Wagner and Lynette Renae Mehl at University Foot Center in Columbus, OH. Call now and help your feet feel better!

By University Foot Center
May 02, 2018
Category: Podiatry
Tags: heel pain  

Heel pain is one of the most common foot conditions people experience. It is often caused by wearing poorly fitting shoes, standing for heel painlong periods, being overweight, and overuse activities such as playing sports or running. Dr. Steventon Wagner and Dr. Lynette Mehl at University Foot Center in Columbus, OH, offer treatments for heel pain. Read on to learn about the top five treatment options for heel pain.

#1- Orthotic Devices

Your podiatrist may recommend prescription orthotics to treat your heel pain. Orthotics are specially-made devices designed to comfort and support your feet. Research has shown that custom orthotics improve function and reduce foot pain.

#2- Cortisone Injections

You can get cortisone injections at your Columbus doctor's office. The injections usually comprise a local anesthetic and corticosteroid medication. Cortisone injections allow podiatrists to deliver a high dose of medication directly to the problem area. Cortisone injections offer quick relief for heel pain and inflammation. 

#3- Stretching Exercises

Foot doctors prescribe stretching exercises for various foot conditions. Stretching exercises are an effective way to prevent and manage heel pain. Research shows that stretching exercises ease pain, improve function, and reduce inflammation. Stretching exercises are easy to do and should be done when you wake in the morning.

#4 - Night Splints

To treat your heel pain, your podiatrist may recommend a night splint. Night splints hold the feet in a neutral position during sleep, thereby helping to reduce morning pain. Night splints gently stretch the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia ligament and keep them from getting tight during the night.

#5 - Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy: ESWT

For persistent heel pain, Shock Wave Therapy may be needed. This treatment targets sound waves at the affected heel, and triggers the body's own repair mechanism, increasing blood flow to the affected area and accelerate healing.

If heel pain is hurting your daily routine, call University Foot Center at 614-488-9478 today to schedule a consultation in Columbus, OH. Our heel pain treatments will alleviate your pain and help you get back to a happy and healthy life!

By University Foot Center
April 10, 2017
Category: Podiatry
Tags: heel pain  

Ignoring heel pain can lead to serious future medical issues. Also, known as plantar fasciitis, this inflammation and pain is found at the heel painbottom of the foot. Your podiatrists in Columbus, OH, Dr. Steventon Wagner and Dr. Lynette Renae Mehl at University Foot Center, are well versed at evaluating arch pain and experienced at treating such pain. Whether with custom orthotics or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), heel pain can be successfully treated.

Treating Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis is caused by inflammation in the connective tissue that stretches from the base of the toes into the arch of the foot to where it goes into the heel. Also known as heel spur syndrome, it is usually treated with conservative treatments such as anti-inflammatories, new shoes, stretching, custom orthotics and even physical therapy. However, some more severe cases may require ESWT treatment. ESWT has been proven to help patients of all ages to conquer their heel pain successfully and for a long period of time.

Your Columbus podiatrist can use this therapy procedure in order to treat a variety of conditions including heel pain in a non-invasive way. The treatment is non-surgical and is quick and effective using short energy waves to heal many different types of patients. This low energy treatment may be the answer to your pain. When treating heel pain with ESWT, a local anesthesia may be used. The device is applied to the area in pain and abrupt short low energy shock waves are generated through the muscle causing long-term relief.

To see Dr. Wagner or Dr. Mehl at University Foot Center in Columbus, OH, who is well versed in treating heel pain, call their podiatry office to schedule an appointment at (614) 488-9478 today.

By University Foot Center
October 11, 2016
Category: Podiatry
Tags: heel pain  

Heel pain can get the best of anyone, no matter their age or activity level. Dealing with heel pain can be an irritating and frustrating task. heel painHowever, with help from your Columbus, OH podiatrist, you can get back on your feet in no time. Learn about heel pain and how you can overcome your heel pain for good with Dr. Steventon Scott Wagner and Dr. Lynette Mehl at University Foot Center.

What causes heel pain? 
Heel pain is an extremely common foot-related complaint and comes from many different sources. Some of the more common causes of heel pain include:

  • tendonitis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • stress fracture
  • bursitis
  • overuse
  • injury
  • trauma to the bone or tissues
  • nerve damage
  • bone spur

How can I manage my heel pain? 
Many cases of heel pain require simple rest and proper care for enough time to let the body heal itself. Ice the foot several times daily for 15-30 minutes. Stay off of the foot as much as possible, especially if it is painful to walk. Use a bandage or wrap to compress the area and reduce swelling. Over-the-counter medications can also help relieve pain and swelling. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are popular choices for this task. If you often wear high-heeled or narrow shoes, you may want to switch to more comfortable shoes with enough room for your feet and toes to lay flat.

Heel Pain Treatment in Columbus, OH
If you suffer from heel pain, you should see your podiatrist for an examination. If the more conservative treatments do not provide positive results, your doctor may recommend more serious treatments. Prescription medications could help relieve pain or swelling. Physical therapy and custom orthotics worn inside the shoes can help strengthen and realign the foot and its bones and tissues. Your doctor can help you determine which treatments are best for you.

For more information on heel pain, please contact Dr. Wagner and Dr. Mehl at University Foot Center in Columbus, OH. Call (614) 488-9478 to schedule your appointment with your podiatrist today!

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